Significant weather descreption

This register provides terms that may be used to describe significant [recent], present and forecast weather - enumerating the set of meteorologically valid options defined in WMO No. 306 Vol 1 code-table 4678. Each term comprises one or more of the elements from code-table 4678: 'intensity or proximity', 'descriptor', 'precipitation', 'obscuration' and 'other'. for details please see [306: Significant Weather][1]


Cloud amount reported at aerodrome

The items within this code table are the cloud amount categories of operational significance for aviation as specified in Technical Regulations, Volume II (WMO-No. 49): Meteorological Services for International Air Navigation. This code table contains a subset of the cloud amount categories defined in Part B FM 94 BUFR Code Table 0 20 008. see[Cloud amount reported at aerodrome ][1]