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Cloud amount reported at aerodrome

The items within this code table are the cloud amount categories of operational significance for aviation as specified in Technical Regulations, Volume II (WMO-No. 49): Meteorological Services for International Air Navigation. This code table contains a subset of the cloud amount categories defined in Part B FM 94 BUFR Code Table 0 20 008. see[Cloud amount reported at aerodrome ][1]



1.低仪表LIFR气象 ----------- 云底高(指的是BROKEN多云或OVERCAST漫天云最低者)少于500英尺和或能见度小于1海里。这么说吧,这个情况对于仪表等级老司机也要叫苦了,因为这个标准略高于ILS盲降的进近标准(200-1/2),这种情况显示为紫红色。 2.仪表IFR气象: ---------- 云底高介于500/1000英尺,和或能见度介于1/3海里,它显示为红色。



一般在用Jetplanner做飞行计划时会有一个值叫做MXSH,根据jetplanner官方解释,其计算公式和变量如下: > JETPLAN CHAPTER 39 Vertical Wind Shear 垂直风切变 General > JetPlan calculates wind shear based on a formula that samples wind velocity and direction two thousand feet above and two thousand feet below the current cruise altitude. Presently, JetPlan does not make use of any ICAO tables to assign a relative intensity to shear. > The formula is as follows: >![mxsh公式.jpg][1]