Space Wx Phenomena

The items within this code table are the types of space weather phenomena of significance to aeronautical operations Space Wx Phenomena

Communications via satellite (propagation, absorption) - moderateSATCOM_MODCommunications via satellite (propagation, absorption) - moderate
Communications via satellite (propagation, absorption) - severeSATCOM_SEVCommunications via satellite (propagation, absorption) - severe
GNSS-based navigation and surveillance (degradation) - moderateGNSS_MODGNSS-based navigation and surveillance (degradation) - moderate
GNSS-based navigation and surveillance (degradation) - severeGNSS_SEVGNSS-based navigation and surveillance (degradation) - severe
HF communications (propagation, absorption) - moderateHF_COM_MODHF communications (propagation, absorption) - moderate
HF communications (propagation, absorption) - severeHF_COM_SEVHF communications (propagation, absorption) -severe
Radiation at flight levels (increased exposure) - moderateRADIATION_MODRadiation at flight levels (increased exposure) - moderate
Radiation at flight levels (increased exposure) - severeRADIATION_SEVRadiation at flight levels (increased exposure) - severe